CatZu Mobile application
We help improve the quality of life for children with speech sound disorders
How CatZu works?
CatZu is a mobile interactive assistant that helps develop the speech and oral motor skills of preschool children

–°hildren are tested for oral motor skills and receive an individual set of exercises
Exercises with a funny character and feedback about the quality of performance in real time
Parents receive reminders for the regular exercise session
CatZu reports on the dynamics of children's motor skills
Articles and personalized advice on the development of children's speech from professionals.
Media about us
Meet our team
Our team strives to improve the quality of life of people with speech sound disorders
Antonina Sudilovskaya
CEO, domain expert,
project author
Stanislav Demidov
Chief technology officer
Virginia Shakhmardanova
Design generalist
Dmitry Stabrovsky
Android developer
Nikita Oleinik
3d modeller, 3D animator
Kirill Levshun
Dmitry Komarovsky
Tech advisor, neural engineer
Ilya Lesun
Product advisor
Feel free to contact us!
+375 29 171 68 33
Based in Belarus, Minsk
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